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A loop

It’s a couple of days that I have a song playing in my head like a loop… It’s called “Seinaru umi to Sunshine” by The Yellow Monkey, a japanese band.

The video is a bit weird though,  but I LOVE the song. It makes me feel nostalgic, it brings back sooo  many memories from my first 3 months trip to Japan when I was 24.

Check it out! ^_^


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California Dreaming

Sometimes I wish I could have been living in different periods, like the 60s, the 70s…. Sometimes even during the Renaissance…

Today I feel like thinking about living in the 60s.

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I love Sunday and I love to spend my Sundays knitting and cooking while Dido works on the computer or reads a book or helps me cooking.

Yesterday when I came home after the workshop I discovered that he had already made all the cleanings and that I was free to do nothing! Could I possibly ask more?

So I spent this day knitting and cooking. I baked a loaf of Kamut bread, the same recipe I did last week. We like it and we don’t want to change at the moment. I’m running out of kamut flour though, which means that next loaf will have to be a different one. We’ll see. And then I baked some brioche bread. I tried the recipe I founded on Cathy Ytak’s book. Actualy I finished mixing 2 different recipes and it turned out pretty good. Well, we still have to taste it, but it looks good!


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I spent Saturday morning and afternoon at the knit house “Un filo di” in Carate Brianza.

oh, what a wonderful place! So many gourgeous yarns…. oh, a dream! I wish I could have bought everything! ^_^

First stiches

First stiches


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Ta da!

Here are some pictures of what I have been cooking today. I’m sooo satisfied! ^_^

First I baked a kamut bread. As I told before I took the recipe from “Fare il pane con la macchina del pane” of Cathy Ytak. For a 750 g loaf you will need:

270 ml of water

350 g of 00 flour

100 g of kamut flour

2.5 teaspoons of powder yeast (I used 25 g of beer yeast but I’m not sure if it is called this way in english… ^_^’)

1.5 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 spoon of extravirgin olive oil

1 teaspoon of lemon juice (I didn’t add it)


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That’s what I will have to do…. I will have to do for my mom to send me the yarn I left at her home…. :(

We spent the weekend at my mom’s home and I got to meet Kuri. She’s back in Italy for some holidays, she is a friend from the university ans she usually leaves in Japan. When she told me she was coming home I asked her to buy me some Noro. Yes! I got 8 balls of Noro for quite a cheap price. I mean, it’s not given for free in Japan, but it’s definetely cheaper than in Italy! Oh, I was so happy when we met yesterday afternoon and she gave me the bag with all those balls of WONDERFUL yarn! I hve to admit it seems a bit rough but the colors…. wow! :D


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As I have been to Luxembourg I hadn’t time to post on last weekend. We went to Liguria, hoping for sun but unluckily we had only bad weather…. Even some rain. So on Saturday we decided to go to Genova instead of staying home looking at the dark sky.




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