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Some (old) FOs

I always forgot to post about this FOs…. They’re 3/4 months old! Anyway, here they are:

Ariosa (yet without) Pom Pom Hat

Ariosa (yet without) Pom Pom Hat



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I’m still alive!

I’m alive!

I haven’t written in a loooong time! The weeks before holidays have been crazy, at work everything was deathly urgent, every customers had a problem… As always…

And then I have been away from home for 2 weeks which means I hadn’t any internet connection available.

But now I’m back, unfortunately at work, and I will post on our holidays with some pictures.

We have been some days by my mom’s place and the rest of the holidays in Liguria. I wish we could have stayed longer! I love Liguria! But I have been lucky I have been given 2 weeks off as I was told that probably I would have had only one…. Well, I already had 2 weeks off in March when we went to the US… Why holidays are never enough???

Anyway, a post on the holidays will come soon!

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