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Busy weekend

I enjoyed this past weekend so much!

We have been a bit busy and now I have to say I feel tired and sleepy but I had so much fun!

Friday we hosted a birthday party for Luca. It was supposed to be a surprise but I think he knew what we were doing. It was his 30th birthday! We ordered some pizza from a friend who recently opened a bakery and she delivered it at home. We were 10 and I didn’t feel like spending too much time cooking and this way we didn’t have to wash tons of dishes too.





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Grey day

I need a bit of color in this grey grey day.

Having fun

By the way, we were spending a weekend in Langhe, in Piemonte last September. We visited this little colorful chapel called “Cappela delle Brunate” an artwork of Sol Lewitt and David Tremlett. It’s immersed in vineyards and you have a great view of the valleys below.

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A couple of days ago I have been so unlucky to listen on the radio to the cover made by Vasco Rossi (an italian singer) of one of my favourite song of Radiohead, Creep. I knew he had made it but I was hoping not to ever hear his version as I don’t like him and his songs (except maybe for 1 or 2 songs). But then I was in the car with my parents with the radio on… and I had to listen to it. It’s awful! XD

Maybe it’s because I don’t like his way of singing (it seems like is going to die any minute to me) and his voice or maybe beacuse I love Radiohead and they’re songs, but I think the world didn’t need his cover….

I could keep listening and listening and listening to this song for ever.

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I love the cat in this video, I wish I could have one too. Maybe not that fat… ^_^

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