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Merry Christmas!!!

Just finished to wrap all the gifts, it took all day long! Can’t wait to go to have dinner with Davide’s family and eat eat eat!

Merry Christmas!

Per impachchettare i regali c’è voluta tutta la giornata… Siamo provati! Non vedo l’ora di andare a cena dalla famiglia di Davide!

Merry Christmas!!!

Buona Natale!!!


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I know the week has barely started, but I can’t wait for the next weekend to come! I want to go to the beach in Liguria, starting to get tanned (I see a ghost in the mirror every morning…) and eat tons of delicious focaccia!

Sunday we have been near Bergamo to attend MariaJole’s christening. It was soooo hot, but the party was great. We were in a park and millions of children were running everywhere. The family branch that lives in Bergamo likes to prolificate. ^_^

I really love when we meet them all, I like them so much. They’re all nice and friendly, it’s nice to be part of the family even if they’re not my true family, as they’re Dido’s cousins.

Small pots with grass and daisy were given as small gift as a remembrance.

The food was great, especially the cake: light, creamy, with many strawberries… Perfect! I have to say that I really enjoyed the salamella and the affettati too! eheheh Yes, I ate a lot…. It was too good to resist!

Oh, and on Saturaday I went to Pavia in the morning to meet to Monelia and Gis from Ravelry for the first time! I have to say that we didn’t knit at all, but we talked a lot about different projects, yarns, travels…. ^_^ I hope we will meet again soon and do some knitting together. In the afternoon I had a nap, I wasn’t feeling well and I needed to lay down a bit, it was too hot.

For the dinner we went at Luca&Sybille’s place. They were here visiting from Vienna. No need to say that I enjoyed the night so much! They told us they’re going to move soon to a town near London, again no need to say that I do envy them a lot…. It’s hard to go on and live in Italy, I love my country but there are so many things that aren’t working at all…. Maybe someday we will go and live abroad…. We’ll see…

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