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Como Lake

Saturday we woke up to a sunny day and decided to spend the day visiting the Como Lake, driving around. We had a nice time except for the crazy wind! When we reached Bellagio it was hard to walk… I guess we could have enojoyed the day much better with less wind. We definetely have to go back in Spring, it was the first time on the lake for me and I loved it, I want to spent more time walking around and taking pictures without having the wind moving my camera…




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On the first day of the year we visited Bergamo with the friends that were staying with us for some days, with Davide’s cousin as a guide (and 2 of his 3 children).

We had a great walk in Bergamo Alta, there was a lot of fog which created a unique atmosphere.

View from Bergamo Alta


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Goodbye 2009

Welcome 2010!!

Buon anno!!

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Christmas Workshop

Ops, I disappeared once again… Sorry! But I’ve been knittin glike mad trying to finish as much gifts as possible for Christmas. Needless to say that I’m far from finishing all of them… I have been distracted by a cardigan I desperately wanted… I will share pictures and details of my projects soon, from next Thursday I will be on holidays! Can’t wait!

In the meantime I can share with you the day I spent at the Knit-House UnFilodi, for a workshop on Christmas decorations. Of course I came home with a bag full of yarn, some was for more gifts, and some for me…you know, as I was there it happened that some skeins asked me to take them home and love them and I  couldn’t say no of course! ^_^

Monelia's cute little cape

Monelia's cute little drape


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Grey day

I need a bit of color in this grey grey day.

Having fun

By the way, we were spending a weekend in Langhe, in Piemonte last September. We visited this little colorful chapel called “Cappela delle Brunate” an artwork of Sol Lewitt and David Tremlett. It’s immersed in vineyards and you have a great view of the valleys below.

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I love the cat in this video, I wish I could have one too. Maybe not that fat… ^_^

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This is funny!!!

Take a look at this! :D

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